Elephant beans

You can recognise an Elephant bean from Prespes by its exquisite taste, its very large size, its white colour, its kidney shape and above all its excellent quality. Its suitability for cooking and excellent appearance are due to the nutrient-rich soil composition and unique microclimate of Prespa.
 Elephant beans are packed with nutrients, high in energy and low in cholesterol and fat.

Elephant beans contain: Energy 356 kcal/100 gr; Carbohydrates 59.52gr; Fibre 11%; Protein 23.8gr; total Fats 2.60gr; rich in minerals and trace elements; very low calories 80 -100; an excellent source of iron 4mlg/100gr. Finally, they contain folic acid, a substance with anticancer action.

Greek consumers love Elephant beans because they are fast cooking and are low in phenols, which lends a special flavour to the food. 

In Greece, Elephant beans only thrive and are cultivated in Prespes, due to the special soil composition next to the ancient lake and the unique microclimate of our area in North West Greece.

Each packet of beans carries an expiry date and a code from the farm that cultivated it. In this way, the consumer is 100% sure that the product purchased truly comes from our farm in Prespa.


Genuine Greek Traditional Product

Family Tradition Since 1930


“Why are King Beans the tastiest beans in the world? We have the unique microclimate of the high Prespes region, we have the rich nutrients in the soil from the ancient lakes, and we have the love and dedication of our family tradition to cultivate beans.”

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